A Look Into Barefoot Kuata Island Resort

Introducing your new favourite Fijian escape; Barefoot Kuata Resort. Our resort is located at the gateway in the visually stunning Yasawa Islands. Barefoot Kuata reigns supreme in the beauty stakes where its natural environment invites you, the traveler, to truly immerse yourself in an island life experience like no other. This is one of the reasons why Barefoot Kuata is rated so highly by past guests and day visitors.

Here we have a host of water based activities including scuba diving, fishing & snorkeling. Plus, many land based adventures – think hiking spectacular summits or a leisurely cave tour. We also encourage guests to rest and rejuvenate. So go ahead, unplug from it all. Idle by one of our three pools or stay horizontal beach side. Let our friendly staff take care of the rest, for here at Barefoot Kuata ensuring our guest’s needs are met is what we do best.

Environment & Conservation

Our resort uses design principles that pay homage to the island’s rich Fijian heritage. Evident by way of our aesthetically pleasing and functional accommodation. Not to mention our fantastic beachfront dormitory options. All of which seamlessly merge with the island’s pristine environment. Barefoot Kuata is a private island that caters to guests seeking an authentic South Pacific vacation. The surrounding coastline is a marine park where you will be guaranteed to see vivid examples of a thriving reef complete with healthy underwater ecosystems. All quite literally within arm’s reach.

Notable Features of Barefoot Kuata Island Resort

Barefoot Kuata is renowned for its marine conservation efforts and community orientated programs. It has a grounding feel, is non-commercial in its appearance and appeals to both the adventurous and/or chilled out traveler regardless of their budget. Our unspoiled beaches and tropical gardens are unquestionably magnificent.

Here at Barefoot Kuata guests are blessed with a sense of peace. From sunrise to sunset you’re treated to a visual smorgasbord of Fijian wilderness. So, come and book a stay with us and open your eyes to a unique paradise. It’s a safari by the sea experience. See it, believe it, you’ll never want to leave it!

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