Adventure Awaits at Kuata Resort

Since you’re interested in travelling to the epic Yasawa Islands of Fiji, I’ll happily bet you’re an adventurous soul. Keen to travel and explore beyond the typical tourist destinations and venture a little further to find activities to exhilarate and stunning tropical frontiers to navigate. That’s exactly where Barefoot Kuata Island comes perfectly into play. As the first island in the Yasawa Island chain we’ve got pole position for travellers who want to get to the source of what makes Fiji an idyllic escape from the everyday.

Soft Adventures at Kuata Island

Our resort is a haven for guests whose idea of adventure travel equates to being as idle or as full throttle as you feel. Take it day by day and explore the island’s enchanting energy as leisurely or as intensely as you like. The activities black board feature’s interchanging options daily. Browse over it with your morning cuppa and decide whether to dive, take a hike or order another mimosa and lay poolside instead. Here’s a few softer approaches to adventure at Barefoot Kuata Island.

  • Kayaking – the currents here are mostly gentle and the island’s beaches are super calm. Grab a kayak and casually commandeer your way throughout Kuata Island’s crystal clear waters. Admire the marine life and colourful corals. Be amazed by the incredible volcanic landscapes that jut straight up from the South Pacific Sea. Then take your now wayyy chilled out persona back to base for a scrumptious buffet lunch.
  • Village Tours – what’s the point of heading to a foreign port if you don’t get that authentic cultural experience? You’re in beautiful Fiji, not the public pool of your home town so venture out! Guided local village tours are available daily. Check out the school, meet the locals and explore the natural environment. You’re guaranteed to achieve a sense of understanding re: Fiji’s diverse heritage. Note; our resort fully supports the wonderful ‘Pack for a Purpose’ initiative. Read more about how visitors can support (with minimal effort) terrific local causes here
  • Keep It Simple – take a gentle hike to the unique and geographically fantastic Phantom Rock cave formations at Kuata Island Resort. Snorkel right off the beach! Simply grab your complimentary snorkel gear from the on-site dive shop and ask the friendly team to suggest a top spot to meet the many marine creatures abound. Weave a couple of traditional baskets under the pleasant watch of the local Fijian women who call Kuata home. Alternatively there’s always plenty of cold beer and tropical cocktails at our beachfront bar waiting for you to indulge in during the ever popular and often hilarious various night time  events.

Adrenalin Adventures at Barefoot Kuata Island

If you live by the life ethos ‘good time’s only’ then you’ll be delighted to find adventures galore both on and offshore at Kuata Island Resort.  The Yasawas feature incredible ocean visibility year round. Thus making Kuata Island a favourite destination for divers and snorkelers who love to swim in tropical warm waters and meet the myriad of marine life living under the sea.

  • Shark Diving – Keen to kick start your heart? Excellent how about a shark dive ? Yep, our resort is world famous for the ‘Awakening Shark Dive’. In-fact it was created by shark expert Dr. Thomas Vignaud. It’s a safe, aquatic adventure that guests continually rave about. Of course there’s daily shark dive tours available too. Read on to discover more about this once in a lifetime opportunity here.
  • Shark Snorkeling – Only people who seek the best underwater activity in the Yasawa Islands need apply. A 20 minute boat ride across the turquoise blue waters places guests at spot X. Here you will snorkel with cruisy black and/or white tip reef sharks with knowledgeable guides. It’s a visual masterpiece under the sea that must be seen to be believed – check out the photo gallery here.

Sure, they say fortune favours the brave but eh one can easily capture a scenic moment from the front deck of your seaside bure. In saying that, we do encourage guests to pick up the pace, just a touch at least once and try a few of the adventurous travel activities listed above. If you’ve never dived before Kuata Island Resort, Fiji is an ideal place to learn.

Our dedicated team offer introductory and certified SSI dive courses on-site at reasonable prices. Have a look at them here.

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