The next generation of shark diving!


It is no secret that Fiji is world-famous for Shark Diving. Rare are places in the world where you can jump in the water and meet wild, 2-3 metre sharks. The Barefoot Collection have created a shark dive that you shouldn’t miss!
The star of the Awakening Shark Dive is rarely found in any dive location worldwide…

It’s the elusive Bull Shark! Other shark species sighted in the Awakening Dive site include Tiger Sharks, Lemon Sharks,  and Silvertip Sharks.

Let our shark experts give you an intimate insight into the lives of the sharks in their natural habitat, all year round. Please note: The Bull Sharks may be less frequently sighted during their mating season in the Fijian summer.
All certified divers are welcome and will be provided with a full brief on safety & shark diving procedures.

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