For Certified Divers

From basic coral reef dives to the extraordinary bull shark dives, caves, walls
and even night dives - Barefoot Kuata offers an excellent variety of options
for certified divers to choose from.

Along with the range of dives available, what really sets us apart from other
dive destinations is the opportunity for certified divers to learn from our team
of highly experienced divers and marine biologists. Interested in joining us
on a conservation dive? Our dive team are committed to various
conservation projects and love sharing this experience with guests.

Newly certified? Or perhaps a touch rusty? The dazzling coral reefs
surrounding Kuata Island provide the ideal place to begin your independent
diving journey, or to re-waken those forgotten diving senses.

Please Note:
• Certified divers will be required to fill out a medical form prior to diving.
• Please bring evidence of certification and remember the rules about flying
after diving.
• Check your diving insurance with DAN before you visit.

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