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Make a Difference at Barefoot Kuata

The beauty of Barefoot Kuata doesn’t stop at the gorgeous scenery and wildlife. Our Fijian culture is one of the most important ingredients that helps shape our guests experience. A huge part of the Fijian lifestyle, is being friendly and caring towards others. Which as a result, Fijian’s are known for their hospitality, being warm in nature, and welcoming.

At Barefoot Kuata we make a big effort at supporting the Fiji community and love for our guests to get involved and help in any way. When you experience and embrace the Fijian lifestyle, you’ll have the chance to discover what it really means to live here, and why we believe it’s so important to preserve this way of life.

The Importance of Local Communities to our Resort

At our resort, almost everything we do ties in with our local community. The majority of Barefoot staff are recruited from local villages, the food and produce we use in our kitchens is harvested from local suppliers and much of the furniture, decor and artwork we have has been created by Fijian craftsman. We live and breathe Fijian culture here, and the communities surrounding us play an integral role in ensuring we have the best that our islands have to offer. By staying with us you are already preserving the Fijian lifestyle, contributing to the benefit of local Fijians and helping us give back to the partners we work with.

Pack for Purpose

Pack for a Purpose is one of the simplest and most impactful initiatives that visitors can actively get involved in. The idea is that willing guests pack a few extra items that would bring a world of good to people here. Things like books for schools, equipment for medical care and other essentials that would prove incredibly helpful to those in need.

The Pack for Purpose program supports a collection of vital establishments in our community. Even by bringing the simplest supplies, you’ll help allow the schools and medical centres to use their limited resources on important equipment that cannot be supplied by others. Things like tables, chairs and building resources are incredibly important but are only affordable if the more basic items come from elsewhere.

With this program, even the smallest donations have a powerful and lasting impact. The library for example, is one of the latest additions to the local village facilities and is utterly reliant on stocks donated by visitors. The books you bring don’t have to be purely educational. Any book that would bring knowledge, comfort or joy to a child or adult would make all the difference.

For us, the greatest impact we can make is to show the world the true beauty of our little slice of Fiji. From presenting delicious cuisine made from exquisite local produce, to making sure our marine life and environment are cared for through our conservation.

Immerse yourself in Fijian culture with a day trip to Kuata island

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