Our Story

To go barefoot, literally, can provide a great feeling of freedom and fun. “I haven’t had to put on my shoes! Wow!” Kids often do it – and who has greater freedom than they, or more fun? To go barefoot, figuratively, can be even better. It can provide a feeling of relief from everyday burdens.

We call our island Barefoot for both these reasons. We don’t refer to it as a resort. We might say it’s a refuge or a sanctuary – but more likely a concept. Rather than a tourist destination run by technology, it’s an idea run by feeling. For both guests and staff, the sensational natural environment – land, sea and air – induces an extraordinary mental environment – carefree, receptive and aware.

Our naturalness, though, is not carried to austere extremes. Your accommodation will be comfortable, your meals a pleasure. (And if you look hard enough, you’ll find a Piña Colada just over there.) So, for going barefoot in the park, barefoot after dark, or barefoot for a lark, you will find our island just right.


Things to do on Barefoot Kuata Island