Shark Diving at Kuata

It is no secret that Fiji is world-famous for Shark Diving. Rare are places in the world where you can jump in the water and meet wild, 3 metre sharks. The Barefoot Collection have just created a new shark dive that you shouldn’t miss! There aren’t many places in the world that offer a safe and exciting shark encounter in tropical waters. Fortunately for you (you big adventure seeker you) Barefoot Kuata Island Resort is home to one of Fiji’s most popular dive tours – ‘The Awakening Shark Dive’. Base yourself at our boutique eco-lodge in the magical and mythical Yasawa Islands for a fun filled holiday. Aside from the awesome shark diving tours, our resort proudly places a strong emphasis on the benefits of experiencing a vivid great outdoors vacation. Where the stunning volcanic landscape meets the sea in a collision of effortless natural beauty. Come dive, come hike, come unwind…it’s all yours to enjoy at Kuata Island! Read more about shark diving at Kuata Island. 

Shark Species in the Yasawa Islands

Barefoot Kuata Island is the first island in the Yasawa Island chain. Easily accessible from mainland Fiji via a boat transfer. This particular group of Fijian islands is renowned for being part of a thriving marine sanctuary hence many shark species frequent the area. When participating in the ‘Awakening Shark Dive’ divers can expect to see some of the following species.

  • Bull Sharks
  • Tiger Sharks
  • Hammerhead Sharks
  • White Tipped Reef Sharks
  • Black Tipped Reef Sharks
  • Silvertip Sharks

The most common shark to encounter during a shark dive at Barefoot Kuata Island Resort is the impressive Bull Shark – these guys can get up to 5 metres long! However they are less frequent during their mating season of November to February. The Awakening Shark Dive departs daily at 8am and is a short 15 minute boat transfer from our pristine island home. Small groups of divers are taken to the site which is approximately 22m deep and maintains a warm ocean temperature year round.

The Awakening Shark Dive – Instructor and Guide Information

The Awakening Shark Dive is the brainchild of Barefoot Kuata Island’s resident shark expert Doctor Thomas Vignaud. After completing his master’s degree in the field of Genetics & Evolution (specialising in sharks of course), Thomas combined the latest scientific information and his formidable marine industry experience to design a safe, easy and sustainable shark encounter dive. Dr. Vignaud is highly regarded worldwide as a leading expert of shark’s behavioural patterns. He has won various awards and received an impressive number of industry accolades for his extensive research pertinent to these incredible apex predators of the sea.

Our team of accredited shark dive guides at Barefoot Kuata Island Resort have been personally selected by Dr. Thomas Vignaud based on their high level of dive expertise and enthusiasm for the surrounding marine life. Rest assured the shark dive is a very safe encounter. Even though you are diving with wild animals in their underwater home, it’s calming to know that that the guides are very familiar with the majority of sharks that frequent the dive site. All guests are thoroughly briefed on all aspects of the ‘Awakening Shark Dive’ at our on-site dive shop before departing for their adrenaline charged adventure.

Barefoot Kuata Island Resort – Dive Courses

Novice and beginner divers are welcome to our effervescent island resort anytime! We offer a range of accredited SSI dive courses to guest staying with us. Be trained in the art of deep sea diving by super knowledgeable instructors in a safe and friendly environment. Become certified in just a matter of days at an affordable price and you too could be diving with the sharks at Barefoot Kuata Island Resort in no time at all. For a full list of dive course information including pricing and availability please read on here.

It’s pretty much a given that the Awakening Shark Dive at Barefoot Kuata Island Resort will be an adrenaline charged, heart starting shark encounter experience, no matter what level diver you are. Worth noting is that after a few minutes of familiarising yourself with the dive site and witnessing the sharks up close the adrenaline is often subdued by an enveloping sense of wonder. The ocean visibility is truly amazing in the Yasawa Islands! And encountering sharks in their own environment, cruising the currents and unperturbed by you is a real WOW moment. No need to take our word for it though, the evidence is in – just take a look at this incredible video footage taken during a shark dive tour at Barefoot Kuata Island Resort.

Take a look as some of the amazing photos of the sharks that swim around in our oceans. Please allow a few seconds for the photo gallery to load.