Water Activities

Barefoot Kuata is blessed with a location that provides stunning coral reef on opposite sides of the island. This means regardless of the weather there is always a place to get out of, or into the breeze, whichever is your preference.

Much of the water activity has to revolve around the fact that only metres from the beach, and in fact metres from your room, is a fabulous coral reef. This makes snorkelling and diving extremely easy for first timers and the more experienced.

Taking a kayak along the beach for a paddle to get a closer view of the famous Phantom Rock Caves can be as energetic or lazy as you desire.

A sunset cruise is available upon request. A few drinks while watching the sunset as the boat cruises along the dramatic scenery of the island is the perfect way to close the day. You will probably cruise past the cliffs on the island the Tom Hanks movie Castaway was filmed.

Perhaps the most popular water activity is the extreme beach wallowing. With a cold drink in hand and plenty of sunscreen you can lie in shallow clear water and count the water ripples around you. This is rumoured to become an Olympic sport.




Snorkel with Reef Shark
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