Water Activities

The fact that Kuata Island has a long stretch of beach and a coral reef on
both the Eastern and Western side of the island, means that no matter the
weather, there is always a spot to get out of (or into) the breeze. Apart from
the amazing snorkelling and diving opportunities here at Barefoot Kuata,
there are a number of other water based activities worth trying out!

Take a kayak or SUP board out for a paddle along the the shoreline, park off
on a secluded section of the beach, and get a closer view of the famous
Phantom Rock Caves.

Catch of the day? Enquire with our team about a guided fishing trip, or book
yourself onto a boat cruise to take in the dramatic scenery of Kuata Island
while sipping on a few drinks and watching the sunset. The South Pacific
waters surrounding the island are full of adventure and mesmerising beauty,
just come and see for yourself!

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