Day Trips with Barefoot Kuata

Kuata Island Resort’s location at the beginning of the Yasawa Islands makes it the ideal place to visit for a day. We receive overwhelmingly positive feedback from guests that visit (day trip or longer stay) our eco-lodge, not only due to our delicious food, serenity and marine orientated activities but for our staff too. They strive to create a happy and peaceful journey for all that pass through their Kuata Island home, ensuring that all leave with unforgettable memories.


Renowned for its incredible beauty, volcanic landscapes and crystal clear waters, the Yasawa Islands is the perfect destination for the intrepid traveller. Appealing to lovers of nature and travel, the Barefoot Kuata Island Resort is a premier destination for those who seek to immerse themselves in traditional Fijian culture. Its pristine tropical environment and enchanting waters provide the ultimate escape from it all.

Holiday in Kuata

Day at Kuata


  • The Awakening Shark Dive and/or the Shark Snorkel. Get up close and personal in a safe underwater encounter with our expert dive guides.
  • Trek to sacred sites solo or as part of the guided Cave Tour.
  • Feast – day trippers delight in our full buffet lunch including but not limited to, fresh fish, an array of healthy salads, Fijian inspired chicken dishes, Asian options and epic homemade beef burgers.
  • Relax at our waterfront bar. Enjoy a signature cocktail or an ice cold beer overlooking both the pool and ocean!


As a member of The International Ecotourism Society you can feel good knowing that by choosing to visit Kuata Island you in turn support environmental conservation. We also have community programs in place to ensure local Fijian villagers benefit from the tourism industry through employment and/or funding grants. This maintains a mutual harmony with their valued lifestyle.

Kuata Island Resort is all about providing an authentic Fijian experience whether it’s a day trip or a longer stay we welcome you to our island home. Check out we encourage guests to take part in this initiative.


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