This is a place of adventures. Check out our list with ratings for guidance.

Shnarkeling (snorkelling with sharks) Sorry this may sound extreme but these are very wimpy sharks!

Kayaking along the beach to The Phantom Rock Caves. This is assuming you are not frightened by big scary rock faces.

Introductory diving. All very easy. Anyone for SCUBA?

Fishing, unless you decide to swim with a marlin. Ask Craig, our Maintenance manager for details on how he found a way to make this an extreme adventure.


Hermit crab racing. Potentially soft but some people get very competitive.

The Summit walk. If your girlfriend has to carry you back down the mountain, you will never hear the end of it.

Beach combing, Rockpool exploring. It seems soft unless you encounter an angry sea cucumber.

Kava Ceremony. Let`s be honest, Kava is not exactly nectar of the gods.


Basket weaving. More dangerous than it seems. If you accidentally swallow the basket you could choke to death.

Beach wallowing. If you get so relaxed you forget to ever eat again, you could starve to death.

Coconut Jewellery Making. Sometimes a staff member decides this would be easier with the help of modern electric tools. Kava and a grinder? What could possibly go wrong?

Diving with Bull Sharks. This actually is more breathtaking than extreme but some Divers like to think they are extreme so we don`t want to disillusion them.

Cocktails by the pool. Our Barman lost the nip measure.



Interested in Backpacking Fiji style?

Searching for an interactive and affordable eco-resort in the Yasawa Islands? Great, best make Barefoot Kuata Island your first port of call. Our tropical oasis is a private island that caters to international backpackers from all walks of life.

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Adventure Awaits!

Since you’re interested in travelling to the epic Yasawa Islands of Fiji, I’ll happily bet you’re an adventurous soul. Keen to travel and explore beyond the typical tourist destinations and venture a little further to find activities to exhilarate and stunning tropical frontiers to navigate.

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