Barefoot Kuata is a destination bursting with adventure. Check out our
‘ratings list’ for some guidance.



  • Snorkelling with Reef Sharks – although this may sound extreme, these
    sharks are super friendly and allow for a relaxed snorkelling experience.
  • Kayaking along the beach to the Phantom Rock Caves.
  • Introductory diving – anyone for SCUBA?
  • Hand line fishing.


  • Hermit crab racing – bumped up to medium due to how competitive it can
  • The Summit Walk – always a favourite amongst guests, but beware, it
    packs a punch!
  • Beach combing & rock pool exploring – it seems soft unless you
    encounter an angry sea cucumber.
  • Kava Ceremony.


  • Diving with Bull Sharks during The Awakening Shark Dive – coming faceto-
    face with a large Bull Shark is enough to get anyones heart racing, but
    this is definitely an adventure you do not want to miss out on!
  • Basket weaving – it’s more dangerous than it seems.
  • Coconut jewellery making.
  • Cocktails by the pool. Our barman lost the nip measure.

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