13 Jul 2017

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Introductory Dive with Reef Sharks

This introductory dive takes place on the Moiya Reef, a quick 20 minute boat trip from Kuata. Careful preparation and safety are always the top priority of our dive team here at Barefoot Kuata – guests will therefore need to meet prior to the dive for a full safety briefing and fitting of equipment.


Now for the fun stuff – you arrive at Moiya Reef, home to the Black Tip and White Tip Reef Sharks, and your dive instructor will talk you through the plan for the dive. As this is an introductory dive, you can breathe easy in knowing that our expert team of dive instructors will be alongside you throughout the dive – and if that means holding your hand from start to finish, they will be happy to do so.


When and if you are feeling a bit more comfortable, the instructor will start to give you some space to explore. Before you know it, you will have forgotten about those nerves and will be completely enchanted by the underwater world around you.

It is important to note the following before taking part in this dive:

  • All introductory dives are subject to participants filling out a medical form. There are some medical conditions that are not compatible with diving.
  • There should be a twelve hour gap between doing this dive and boarding a commercial aircraft.
  • While we don’t guarantee that guests will see reef sharks during this dive, we have yet to be disappointed.

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